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sour stomper

Sour Stomper - 3 Pack

Mephisto Genetics

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Ancestry: GrapeStomper OG (Gage Green Genetics) x Sour Crack F5
Varietal: 50/50 Indica / Sativa, feminized autoflower
Filial Generation: F7
Cycle time: 60-65 days from sprout
Yield: Above Average to High, thick colas
Height: Medium
Color: Gorgeous yet unusual whites and purples!
Recommended Light Cycle:
18/6 or 20/4
Terpenes: Sweet Red grape infused with a raw funky to meaty edge. Grapey with piney-lemony undertones



It's getting harder to rate the frostiness of these new projects, but Sour Stomper is definitely very high up there and can only be described by a potentially invented word 'frostiliscious'. Sour Stomper has actually been the hardest strain to photograph and showcase as its covering of whiteness against its purple hues is difficult to capture and definitely best seen first hand. She starts off growing squat and looking very indica, however when she begins flowering she can really stretch - quadrupling in height throwing out branches and her OG heritage sure makes itself known. From early to mid-flower a sweet red grape smell is evident, this develops throughout flowering becoming more intense and complex with a more raw meatier edge coming through as the flowers build. The flower to plant ratio is extremely high, meaning although the outright size of the plants isn't large, this is a small-medium sized variety, the yield is impressive.

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